Snap Shot (Universal ATP Tests) Qty 25



SnapShot™ Universal ATP Surface Tests are $74.95 for 25 tests.

SnapShot™ Universal ATP Surface Tests are compatible with most manufacturers' luminometers. Each version is designed to replicate the ATP reaction of the test it's replacing, eliminating the need to change pass/fail settings. In addition, SnapShot uses Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent, allowing for more reproducible results. SnapShot devices cost up to 50% less, allowing users to expand their testing program with the same budget.

Save money, save the environment.

By eliminating complex manufacturing steps and simplifying our device with patented designs and unique liquid-stable chemistry, SnapShot devices are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Companies using SnapShot can save up to 50% on test costs, allowing more testing with the same budget.

Save money with SnapShot


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