Industrial Container Bloom – Mold Remediation

Professional Container Bloom Remediation

Surface Balance Solutions™ Remediation Solutions

Surface Balance Solutions™ offers powerful protections against bacteria, germs, odor, fungus, and viruses. Our cleaning solutions are extremely safe, durable and will not lose efficacy for the life cycle of the product.

We offer a high volume remediation method for the following industries: footwear, apparel, accessories & consumer goods.

Surface Balance Solutions™ will quickly, and cost effectively, correct quality issues that unfortunately occur within the supply chain.

Available in Industrial Quantities: 5 gallons, 10 gallons, 30 gallons, and 55 gallons


Container Bloom Remediation

Surface Balance Solutions™ offers safe, natural, lasting and effective anti-microbial protection to help reduce germs, bacteria, fungus, viruses and odors that adversely affect products we all use every day. Anything that accumulates germs, becomes odorous, or can transfer harmful bacteria can be improved and made safer with Surface Balance’s line of products.

Find mold in your shipment container? Contact the container bloom remediation experts for:

Container Blooms – Consumer Goods Mold Remediation


Footwear Remediation

Surface Balance Solutions™ successfully remedies footwear defects such as blooming, mold and mildew remediation, and odor removal.

Received a defective footwear shipment? Contact the footwear remediation experts for:

Men’s Footwear Remediation – Women’s Footwear Remediation – Kid’s Footwear Remediation

SBS-mini   Mold remediation
SBS-mini   Protects against harmful organisms & bacteria
SBS-mini   Proven antimicrobial performance
SBS-mini   Powerful anti-odor
SBS-mini   Water soluble

SBS-mini   Unlimited shelf life
SBS-mini   Cost-effective
SBS-mini   100% safe and natural


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