Multi-Purpose Protectant & Cleaner

Surface Balance Solutions

Surface Balance Solutions ™

Surface Balance Solutions™ is an innovative anti-microbial company that combines our technology with various production methods to create safer, healthier and cleaning products. Offering powerful protections against bacteria, germs, odor, fungus, and viruses. Our cleaning solutions are extremely safe, durable and will not lose efficacy for the life cycle of the product.

SBS-mini   Protects against harmful organisms & bacteria
SBS-mini   Proven antimicrobial performance
SBS-mini   Powerful anti-odor
SBS-mini   Water soluble

SBS-mini   Unlimited shelf life
SBS-mini   Cost-effective
SBS-mini   100% safe and natural

Multi-Purpose Protectant & Cleaner

Surface Balance Solutions

Individual bottles are ON SALE for $9.95 (originally $24.95).

Especially useful in environments where the control of cross contamination is essential.

Surfaces in high traffic areas benefit from long lasting protection.

For use on: leather, screens. plastics, fabric, and electronics.

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Available in Canister Wipes (75 count) . Indivdual Wipes (box of 60) . Spray Bottles (liquid)

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