SBS Protectant & Cleaners Disinfect for up to 28 days

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Surface Balance Solutions

Don’t just take our word for it … watch this video for an in-depth explanation from our founder! Surface Balance Solutions was built by Jane Aldridge, owner and operator of a commercial cleaning business for over 12 years.

Surface Balance Solutions - Starter Kit

SBS Starter Kit ON SALE for $34.95 – originally $64.95

Starter Kit includes 32 oz bottle of Hard Surface Protectant & Cleaner, 32 oz bottle of Multi-Surface Protectant & Cleaner, 6 Clean Sixteen Micro Fiber Towels. Originally $64.95, save $30 on each kit!

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Highlighted information featured in this video:
• SBS cleaning solutions continue to clean + disinfect for 28 days after application
• SBS cleaning solutions are made with 99.9% natural ingredients
• SBS cleaning solutions do not contain animal by-products
• SBS cleaning solutions reduce 99% of bacteria and germs

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